Why You Need To Use Content Marketing To Get Online Coaching Clients

You should use every tactic that you can to attract new clients to your online coaching business. Content marketing is very effective and you need to use it to your advantage. There are different types of content marketing and we will look at some of the most effective ones in this article.

You need to make a commitment to publishing great content on a regular basis. If you don’t have the time or inclination to do this then find good outsourcers to do this for you. It is essential that you published high quality content as often as possible.

Blog Posts on your Website

If you do nothing else with content marketing then you must add regular blog posts to your online coaching website. All of your blog posts need to offer value and prove to your visitors that you have the expertise to be their online coach.

It is best to plan the blog posts for your website. Do keyword research in your niche and write blog posts around the keywords that you identify. Make sure that you optimize all of your blog posts for search engine optimization (SEO) so that each post has the best chance of ranking high in Google, Bing and the other search engines.
When you have a website you need to provide visitors with a good reason to return as they are not very likely to become your coaching clients straight away. Providing value to them through regularly publishing high value blog posts is a great way to get them to return.

Adding regular posts to your website is also a good way to improve your search engine rankings. Google and the other search engines reward websites that post often and you can find keywords that have little SEO competition and rank these on the first page of Google for free traffic.

Guest Posting

This is similar to writing blog posts for your own website but this time you will publish them on other people’s blogs. Most blog owners are always on the lookout for high quality content for their sites so identify the blogs with the highest traffic in your niche and write content for them.
A lot of these blog owners will welcome guest posts. They usually have a set of rules that you need to adhere to when making a guest posting request and these are around the quality of your submission. All guest posts need to be of the highest quality and if you do not think that your writing is up to scratch then find a good quality professional writer.

All of your blog posts must be unique and you can check for this using copyscape.com. This applies to posts that you publish on your website as well. Add a link back to your website from your guest post to generate more targeted traffic to your site.


You knew this was coming didn’t you? Never underestimate the power of video. These days people would sooner watch an informative video than read a lot of text. So create videos in your niche that add value.
It is essential that you setup a channel on YouTube for your videos. You can use other sites such as Vimeo and Daily Motion as well. Invest in quality recording equipment so that you can create your own videos rather than hire professionals all the time. Always remind people in your videos that you are an online coach. Post all your videos on your website and social media accounts.

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