What’s A Computer System?

Computer System Is Derived as a collection of different aspects.which are mainly Software,Hardware and Liveware.
Sole purpose of all of these together is to Receive The Data, process the data,manage the data and also present the data in a format that is meaningful and easily readable by the user.

What are the Components of a computer system

Computer Hardware:
these are nothing but the physical parts of a computer that can be touched an seen too.those mainly include Input/Output Devices,the CPU(microprocessor) and storage devices.

Computer Software:
These Basically are the applications or the programs installed on the computer system.they further are classified into 2 types namely
application software and system software.

Liveware in others words is simply a computer user which uses the system to perform some task.also known as the human ware. The purpose of user is to command the system to perform some action or a set of actions instead.later the system executes the instructions and gives output to the user.

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