What is Content Marketing?

In today’s world technology have become well and much advanced. Content marketing is also known b various names such as inbound marketing, corporate journalism, native advertising, branded media and customer publishing etc.

no matter it is also know by various names but the basic concept and idea behind it stays same, i.e. creation and distribution of richer content which engages and attracts the well-targeted audience, sometimes which encourage them to take an action which results into profits to business.

What is the Use of Content Marketing?

the technology is getting advanced day by day as technology is getting advanced various platforms are getting opened as well as the huge growth of WWW( World Wide Web),social networks has been changed the bond and relationship between customers and businesses.

Most of consumers today don’t buy a product directly just by looking its advertisement or images. But the consumers do the research of that products by using Google, or else by comparing similar products, also the consumer finds & reads the review of that products by experts also sometimes people’s takes suggestions by their friends on social networks. Consumers does the research about that products before investing money on it which is a best thing by consumer.

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