What are advantages & Disadvantages of WordPress?

WordPress is very advanced and that’s why many bloggers choose this platform to blogging. WordPress also gives access to themes and plugins.which makes blogs and websites more power full.

Every things has 2 faces advantages and disadvantages so lets have a look on it:

advantages of WordPress are listed as below
1)The first and top most advantage of WordPress is it is open source platform and is also available free. one can go on https://wordpress.org/ and get WordPress free.
2)The Next advantage of WordPress is that one can easily edit the themes file like CSS files and can make changes or modification as per his/her needs.
3)The third and biggest advantage of WordPress is that we gets various templates and plugins for use free.one can go with that themes and plugins and can modify or customize them as per need.
4)the next advantage of WordPress is that it is easy to use i.e we can easily edit posts and pages using its default editor.
5)in WordPress we can easily manage files i.e we can upload media and documents easily in short time.
6)the next advantage of WordPress is that we get access to SEO plugins by which we can do on page SEO quickly and easily.
7)the next advantage of WordPress is that it allows user to do customization as per need,which is easy too.
8)WordPress also allows creating roles for users for blog or WordPress

Disadvantages of WordPress are listed as below:
1)using multiple plugins can make the website heavy which may result in slow loading of website
2)PHP knowledge is must if one has to make changes in theme.

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