Different Types Of Online Coaching Services

There are different coaching services that you can provide to your clients which is great because you can use all of them to scale your online coaching business. Don’t get fixated with one of these services. Open your mind to alternative coaching methods that will make you more money and free up more of your time.

One to One Live Coaching

A lot of people think about one to one live coaching when they are starting out. This is fine and it is definitely something that you can do. With this type of online coaching you can charge the highest prices. Clients will appreciate the personal attention that you provide to them and will pay what you ask.

It might not be that easy for you to get live coaching clients at first. You will probably need to build up your reputation to do this by offering other services first. Once you are established as an expert in your niche you can charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your one to one coaching services.

The only disadvantage of one to one live coaching is that you are selling your time. You will need to prepare properly for your coaching sessions and this will take time too. But in the end you can make a serious amount of money for a small time investment.

One to Many Live Coaching

Here you will coach a small number of students in the same coaching sessions. Some niches are more suitable to this approach than others. You need to manage these sessions properly to avoid several people talking at once etc. Keep the numbers low so that they will receive the maximum attention for you and it will be easier for you to control each coaching session.

Remember that you are selling your time here again and you will need to follow up with more than one person so make sure that you charge the right price for each client in the session.

Provide High Quality Training Courses

A lot of successful online coaches start with this. They identify the problems that people are experiencing in the niche and then they create training courses that solve these problems. They use platforms like Udemy.com to start with and make a small amount of money doing this. This is OK for getting the word out about who you are and what you can do.

A number of people who offer courses on sites like Udemy have ended up with one to one coaching clients where they can charge a premium. So do not dismiss these kinds of platforms because you will not make a lot of money from them.

Once you are established you can charge hundreds or thousands for your training. You can host the videos and everything yourself and offer commissions to affiliates to promote your courses. This is a great way to generate passive income from your knowledge.

Membership Site

Passive income should definitely be in your plan for your online coaching business. There is nothing better than making money when you are sleeping or on vacation. Recurring passive income is the very best and you can achieve this through a successful membership site.

You will need to put in some effort to create your membership site as there needs to be new content added on a regular basis. A good idea for this is a member’s only webinar that you run on a weekly basis.

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