An Overview Of WordPress

WordPress is one of the best and open source cms i.e content management system,which is easy to use to build the various niche websites and blogs.
WordPress is mostly used by bloggers for blogging and is also popularly known for blogging as it allows user to update and manage and customize the website easily.

WordPress is mostly used because it is much advanced platform as here one doesn’t need coding knowledge. a person with basic knowledge can build his website very easily using WordPress and it consist of various themes and plugins.

Also users can post images,text,music,documents to website easily if they have made website on WordPress. WordPress was at first delivered on 27th May, 2003 by matt mullenweg and mike little.then after in the year 2009 WordPress was declared as open source.

The features of WordPress are as follows:

1)The first and best feature of WordPress is user management i.e it allows to add and manage user roles like one can be gives role as subscriber or role as contributor or role as author or role as editor and also one can be given role as administrator
here the main owner can edit change the role of users

2)The Second best feature of WordPress is media management i.e it is like a tool which helps to manage various media files and folders in which one can easily upload media files and organise them and manage them on website

3)The third and best feature of WordPress is themes system i.e in WordPress we gets lot of theme options by using we can enrich our website look and also it allows to modify those files.this includes the style sheet various templates files and media like images etc.

3)The fourth and top most feature of WordPress is plugins.plugins allows to do various works plugins provides us various features

4)Search Engine Optimization is fifth and best feature of WordPress which makes easy to user to do on site seo simple

5)Multilingual is sixth and one of best feature by using this feature ones website gets better and easy to read by all users in multiple language i.e it allows translation of entire which is on websites pages and post.user can easily read ad surf website in preferred language by user.

6)The last one is importers which allows user to import data in various forms like post,pages,tags etc

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