5 Reasons You Need to be Producing More Content

Content is what makes the web go around. You’ll hear this a lot in marketing circles, but that doesn’t make it any less true!
Think about it: the internet is nothing if not a web of content. It is writing, it is video, and it is sound. All of that is content.
If you don’t have content then, you can’t possibly stand out and stay afloat.

And it’s not enough simply to have content: it needs to be content that has high volume AND high value. You need lots of excellent content. Here’s why.

Brand Awareness

Studies show that people will only usually buy on the 7th or 8th exposure to a brand. It’s by this point that they recognize the brand and trust it well enough to consider investing money. If you post regular content to your site or to social media, then you create lots of opportunities for people to be exposed to your brand and your message – each one of those builds up and creates a greater likelihood that they will consider buying from you!


Content is important for SEO. This is something that is overlooked too often.
While there are countless strategies for increasing the search traffic that comes to your site (targeting keywords, building links, etc.) the single most important and effective strategy is to add lots of content to your site. This is how the biggest and most successful brands on the web succeed!
If you have hundreds of new articles on your site every month, you create countless opportunities to win at the SERPs and to bring in long-tail traffic. Eventually, you will succeed through sheer force!

Return Customers

People will come back to your site regularly if you give them a good reason to do so. If you post the odd article every few months, then people will quickly forget about you.

But if there are lots of fascinating new posts every single day, then people might start to read your site each morning, or at least several times a week. Think about the websites that you visit on a regular basis yourself: they are all likely to be sites that provide you with an incentive to keep coming back.

Brand Loyalty and Trust

The other reason to keep posting content is to develop your relationship with your audience and to build trust.
Trust is a strange thing in that it very largely comes from familiarity and exposure. Simply seeing more of you ensures that your audience knows you better, likes you more, and feels more comfortable buying from you. This is as simple as posting regularly.

Direct Sales

Finally, keep in mind that each post can generate direct revenue from ads, or even by selling your products. If you include a reference to your product and a link in each post, they will then generate profit. You are now in a situation where each post pays for itself, meaning that there is no reason not to keep writing more of them!

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