20 Productivity Tips For Solopreneurs

Tip #1
Doing everything yourself has significant advantages

While many people focus on the downsides of being too controlling in business, there are significant upsides. You get to control the entire brand… and you keep all the money!

Tip #2

Your lifestyle will hugely impact your productivity

Work online and you’ll find that there is a powerful two-way relationship between your productivity and your lifestyle outside of the office.


Tip #3
Optimize nutrition

Be careful about what you eat to ensure you are providing healthy sustenance that can fuel your optimum cognitive performance.


Tip #4

Learn to outsource

You can outsource any tasks that don’t require your unique skills – that means anything that is menial or busywork.

Tip #5
Consider nootropics

Nootropics are the secret sauce for many top Silicon Valley CEOs.


Tip #6
Sleep is the priority

Better sleep will improve EVERY aspect of your performance and productivity.


Tip #7

Be strict about “work time” and “down time”

Creating set parameters for when you are working and when you are not will help you to get more out of BOTH periods of time.


Tip #8

Learn to meditate

Meditation literally grows your brain! But it also helps you to learn to focus, to avoid distracting thoughts, and to detach from stressful emotions.


Tip #9
Sleep with the window open

Our bodies use the temperature to help set our biological rhythms.


Tip #10
Don’t check your (work) phone when you’re not at work

Checking your phone might take two minutes, but the emotional impact can last much longer.


Tip #11

Adopt a growth mindset

Don’t think about things you can and can’t do. Think about what you need to learn to do, and how you can develop those skills.


Tip #12

Learn to get into flow

Flow states are the optimum state of human performance, characterized by extreme focus.


Tip #13

Be productive for 40 minutes and push through the “wall”

To get there, you need to focus solidly on a task with NO distractions for 30-40 minutes.


Tip #14

14 Create an environment conducive to work

The right home office can make getting into flow much easier.


Tip #15

Try working outside

Or in coffee shops. In short: venture out from your home to get a change of scene and some social interaction.


Tip #16

Try digital minimalism

This is a lifestyle choice with tremendous benefits for the solopreneur.


Tip #17

Physical fitness will make you more productive

The fitter you are, the more nimble and energetic your brain will be.


Tip #18

Close open loops

Open loops are tasks that you haven’t completed. They play on your mind until you finish them.


Tip #19

Tackle the biggest task first

This is called “eating the frog” and is a technique recommended by Mark Twain. It means you’re doing the hardest job while you have most energy, and it greatly increases your chances of achieving flow.


Tip #20

Make working less your goal

Why are you doing all this now? Why are you optimizing yourself so much? The answer is so that you can work less in future!



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